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graphics for annual company summer event

-web/email blast invitation 

-banner for event

-brochure handout 

-map of event

-example of signage/wayfinding 

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renderings edited in photoshop


before and after - project display boards

over 50 project boards showcased on walls in office


mve "latest and greatest" project portfolio

I designed and created this piece of marketing collateral in collaboration with the marketing director and marketing coordinator. We wanted to create an elegant way to present clients, or potential clients, with our current and up-to-date projects. 

Per the request of the CEO, we ended up creating multiple versions of this handout. Each handout booklet would be comprised of related projects under a certain building type/category such as single-family detached, high-rise, high-density housing, etc.

I was in charge of the initial creation, maintaining, and updating the books. I also was tasked with the production aspect of printing in-house and binding


Kevin L. Crook Architect Inc. Brochure

This is an ongoing project. It's intended outcome is to be used as a general company brochure. It will parallel the new website that I have also designed. 

billboard design

design used for billboard near the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, CA. freelance work for Lennar.

before and after renderings

edited in photoshop and sketchup

edited in photoshop

original sketchup model

edited and rendered through podium

edited in photoshop

video of editing transformations

original sketchup model

edited and rendered through podium

video of editing transformations


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