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Beowulf book

the goal of this book was to create the nostalgia of the ancient epic odyssey of Beowulf. sensorial components that support this are gold leaf, old English text, tea staining, burn marks, tear marks and an overall feeling of being antiquated in order to help the reader better understand the novel. This book is entirely hand made and put together, as well as having original design and layout.




































Blossfeldt book

this portfolio piece is comprised of a mock book design encasing photographic elements by Karl Blossfeldt. The main graphic design aspect is typography, including hierarchy, readability, typeface, rhythm, and a harmonious visual system. Layout and zonal spacing were also important factors in showcasing the photographic elements. Because the photographs were intended by Blossfeldt to elicit curious, emotional, arboreal, and educational responses, the book mimicked this through short descriptions coupled with the original photography. This book is entirely hand made and put together, as well as having original design and layout.






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