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OTL - Corporate Brochure

tri-fold brochure. click to view pdf. 

78-177 Corporate Brochure 2020_DigitalVe
11x25.5 Tri-Fold Brochure Mockup Templat
11x25.5 Tri-Fold Brochure Mockup Templat

Livingston Street Capital - Hanover Place property marketing collateral and advertisements

designed and produced from concept to print




















































mve+partners holiday card


I created this piece from scratch in illustrator. It was sent out during the Holidays of 2015 to the company's clients. In addition to the card I created a vector die-cut snowflake template in Illustrator and hand-cut the paper snowflake. 

mock brochure for cooking class company

This piece was created from scratch in a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop.


flyers for animal rescue

annually I donate my services to saving paws rescue to design their flyers/posters/handouts
























































































it gets better flyer template

worked directly with the Director for Education and Global Programming on this flyer template within brand standards

Hanover Place - Print Ad for Senior Blue
Hanover Place - Nov Senior Blue Book Ad.
Hanover Place - Oct Senior Blue Book.png
Hanover Place - BBQ Event Flyer.png
Hanover Place - Postcard Direct Mail Ad_


Saving Paws Flyer.jpg


2018_Saving Paws Flyer.jpg
2018_Saving Paws SaveTheDate-2.jpg


2019 Sparky_8.5x11.jpg
2019 Sparky_SaveTheDate.png
2019 Sparky_Mockup.png
IGB Mockup.jpg

Handmade Books


Beowulf book

the goal of this book was to create the nostalgia of the ancient epic odyssey of Beowulf. sensorial components that support this are gold leaf, old English text, tea staining, burn marks, tear marks and an overall feeling of being antiquated in order to help the reader better understand the novel. This book is entirely hand made and put together, as well as having original design and layout.



























Blossfeldt book

this portfolio piece is comprised of a mock book design encasing photographic elements by Karl Blossfeldt. The main graphic design aspect is typography, including hierarchy, readability, typeface, rhythm, and a harmonious visual system. Layout and zonal spacing were also important factors in showcasing the photographic elements. Because the photographs were intended by Blossfeldt to elicit curious, emotional, arboreal, and educational responses, the book mimicked this through short descriptions coupled with the original photography. This book is entirely hand made and put together, as well as having original design and layout.






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TayCon brand creation, logo, and business cards

original design of logo, branding, and business card

Taycon_Business Cards_Page_1.png