marketing collateral






mve+partners holiday card


I created this piece from scratch in illustrator. It was sent out during the Holidays of 2015 to the company's clients. In addition to the card I created a vector die-cut snowflake template in Illustrator and hand-cut the paper snowflake. 

mock brochure for cooking class company

This piece was created from scratch in a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop.


flyers for animal rescue

annually I donate my services to saving paws rescue to design their flyers/posters/handouts













































































































it gets better flyer template

worked directly with the Director for Education and Global Programming on this flyer template within brand standards


Saving Paws Flyer.jpg


2018_Saving Paws Flyer.jpg
2018_Saving Paws SaveTheDate-2.jpg


2019 Sparky_8.5x11.jpg
2019 Sparky_SaveTheDate.png
IGB Mockup.jpg

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