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olive oil bottle

here I created an original brand, including a hand-drawn typographic logo. This brand is intended to be an upscale, certified organic, flavored olive oil that stands out from the competition with great shelf value. The package label design is modern, with monochromatic hues of green accented with gold. It is visually bold, clean, and bright.




















































four reds

the "four reds" wine is intended to be a flight series of wine, with four distinct, yet complementary red wines. the big idea behind the branding system is in relation to a deck of cards, in which each face card has a personality, which is then tied into the wine selection that it is paired with.  

personality/flavor profiles:

1) Queen -merlot, mellow and lush 

2) King -  zinfandel, rich and intense

3) Ace - malbec, dry and robust

4) Jack - shiraz, smooth and bold


















































































ship in a bottle 


a wine bottle, branding, and logo design concept designed from scratch. It is intended to reminiscent of an actual model ship in a bottle. It has a nautical and whimsical theme, while also capturing a nostalgic and vintage feel































































flavor water

logo/packaging design for flavored water company

click on image to view larger






















mooseshine brand design


a play on words, the mooseshine liquor brand intends to capture a rustic and whimsical feel. 
































































































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